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Pinnacle Resource Center proudly offers the following forms of assistance to anyone in need, BUT... 


      We NEVER charge for any services we provide!  



  • We offer EMERGENCY Shelter at our facility EVERY day of the year to qualifying families and individuals. Applicants CANNOT be a sex offender (see sidebar for assistance), and will be drug tested. For victims of addiction, we will work with you - but you must be honest with us so we can help you, get the help you need! 

  • We have two family units at our facility where parents and their children are able to stay housed together! We also have six individual units for single parents/guardians and their wards. Also, we have a dormitory style room for men and women. Resident Assistants are at our facility 24/7 to monitor activities, resolve issues, and report to staff any concerns.

  • Our facility houses up to twenty-five individuals comfortably. However, we do have emergency units and "overflow" beds where we can go beyond that if needed. Residents are allowed to stay up to 60 days, but if they need more time to achieve their goals, they may apply for an extension with the Executive Director.

  • We have a playground, games and toys for children coming to the facility, and can easily arrange transportation to and from school as necessary. We want children coming to our facility to feel like they are moving into an apartment, not a homeless shelter! 

  • Safety is our primary, and most important value at Pinnacle! We do not allow weapons, illegal drugs or contraband of ANY KIND at our facility! There is 24/7 video surveillance, and completely random visits from our local law enforcement any time, day or night! 

  • Pinnacle offers a "Customer Choice" weekly Food Pantry to local residents in need. "Customer Choice" means we do not give you pre-made boxes of food, rather we let you "shop" for the things you need to ensure what you get, is what you want to eat! 
  • Patrons are asked to bring a form of identification and a piece of mail to verify address. Pinnacle does not verify incomes on our patrons - if you need food, come and get food! 
  • Our pantry offers an array of perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs - carefully monitored to ensure safety and quality. Our rule is "If we wouldn't serve it at our home, we won't give it to others to serve in theirs." 
  • We also offer seasonal items in our pantry. Items such as cold medicine, lotions, ointments, and other over-the-counter items are available at one item per week, per family/individual. The pantry is well-organized and divided into sections to easily find the things you are looking for - from "Bean-n-Proteins" to "Stuff to Wet Yer Whistle" our southern Farmer's Market-pantry is a "favorite" with Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee! 
  • Pinnacle also works closely with the Scott County Sheriff's Department (SCSD) with our "Emergency Food Initiative Program." This program was designed in conjunction with the SCSD to allow law enforcement to use our facility after hours when they encounter an elderly person, family, or individual in need of food immediately. 



  • Pinnacle offers thrift items of clothes, bedding, furniture and other items at NO CHARGE to families in "Crisis" - crisis meaning they have suffered some kind of trauma such as their house burning down, living in a place not meant for human habitation, etc. If you or someone you know is in need, please contact us for further assistance.

  • We also offer community access to "Pinnacle's Penny-Wise Emporium" - our area thrift store! We want to encourage everyone to stop in and see what all we have at prices you won't believe! Unlike some "other" thrift stores, 100% of the proceeds from our sales goes DIRECTLY into client services (buying work clothes/boots, paying for prescriptions, personal items, transportation costs, etc). None of this money goes toward our administration salaries or overhead!

  • Pinnacle graciously accepts any donations you may have of gently used clothing, unbroken furniture, and appliances. For particularly large donations (bigger than a standard-sized pickup truck), please contact us to make arrangements for your drop-off. 

  • Any large donations can be tax-deductible! Contact us if you would like a "Receipt Letter" for donations you make to our facility! 


  • This simply means that we take each individual or family’s situation, analyze it, break it down, and figure out what problems are present that are the root cause of that individual or family’s poverty. We then develop a plan, and provide the necessary resources to achieve success.

  • So it's not quite as complicated as it sounds. Let's break it down like this...

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 5.06.53 PM_edi
  • "Physiological Needs" are things like shelter, food and clothing. Pinnacle meets that family or individual's needs within the first hour of being at our facility! In addition, as mentioned above, Pinnacle also provides a SAFE environment for everyone staying with us - so the bottom two, and most important needs are met immediately!

  • Our courteous and efficient staff treats every one of our residents like family. Pinnacle believes that love, compassion and guidance are at the very source of any successful social rehabilitation program - and that's exactly what we give our residents. We do not judge people for past mistakes, we focus on helping them overcome the consequences of those mistakes, pick up their life and move forward. 

  • Other components of our "Comprehensive Social Assistance" includes community service in and around the shelter, job search and interview preparation, Life Skills Training Programs, Budgeting Programs (thanks to Mr. Dave Ramsay), and a Day Center computer lab where we can work with residents on all kinds of modern technology skills. 

  • Whatever plan each family/individual needs is documented and implemented by our staff. We encourage the resident to do what they can on their own, and help them with that which they cannot (this builds self- confidence, which directly results in building their Esteem). 

  • By the time they are ready to leave our program, we will have helped each family/individual develop a source of income, save a nest egg, find a place to live, help them turn on the utilities, pay deposits, find furnishings, and even stock their home with food, and make sure any transportation needs they have are met as the final steps! Then they realize that it IS POSSIBLE to be independent again! (Self-Actualization)